16 March 2007

Protection Money

Recently Chiquita was fined $25 million becaus the paid protection money to some paramilitary group. Wassup? The paid money so that their interests were protected in Columbia. yet, Haliburton, et al in Iraq are paying mercenaries, sorry, security contractors for protection against violence levelled at them.

Am I the only person who is having a problem understanding this ? A company, which I have no love for, is fined by the US government for payinf protection money and Haliburton is not. Sorry guys a mercenary is a mercenary, whether you call them a security consultant or a paramilitary group.

I cannot believe that I, of all people, is coming to the aid of a large corporation, believe me, it is out of character for me to do so. I would like someone to explain the difference between the two payments. Wrong is wrong and if Chiquita is guilty, then so is Halliburton. I guess if Chiquita had someone close to the president they would also be exempt, as Halliburton is.

You gotta love the way this system works! In case there is any confusion, that was sarcasm!


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tumbleweed said...

I don't think I'll stop buying Chiquita bananas over this. It sounds like a lot of complaining over nothing to me. They weren't paying them money to support their cause.

It's no worse than France paying money to insurgents for ransoms in Iraq.IMO.

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