06 March 2007


Sorry to dwell on a point, but I WILL!

After listening to the military Bozos at hearinbgs I have come to a realization. What is that, you may ask? What a flippin' circus! Hearings and what happens everyone is blaming everyone else, this should continue until nausea sets in. They will write a report and the Senate will have hearings and write a report and then it will go to the pres and he will set up a commission who will write a report on and on.............and all the while good people are caught in the beast of bureaucracy. Fix it NOW! Not in 3 to 5 yrs!

If it is money, then all the players in the military-industrial complex coughs up 5% of profits they show from the manufacturing of impliments of destruction. An audit of these pigs should be every three months, to keep them honest, for if they are watched they will screw their own mothers to keep their money. Since the weapons and equipment they make is being used by the troops, then they need to step up and assist those that have been injured. Since they make billions upon billions, they can afford to help pay the price for the injuries they have helped to make.

If you watched any of the hearing then you saw everybody apologizing for the situation--which is just duckey--but did any of them look like they actually meant it. HELL NO! They were reading from a prepared script, written by some mental midget in the White House. Did any of the ilitary types say anything to disparge the military? NO! They are just trying to protect their collective asses and the real problem is their indifference to the troops that they have sent into a meat grinder.

Do I want their heads? HELL YES! Both physically and literally!



tumbleweed said...

I think all we are seeing at the moment is damage control. Not much has actually been done yet. They are still trying to figure out who the fall guys will be.

CHUQ said...

If they would like an opinion, I would be glad to give them a list of who I think need their pee-pee whacked. LOL

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