18 March 2007

Observations for 18/03/07

There are a few things I have noticed recently.

I think it was Geo. Carlin a few years ago that had this thing about responsibility, I thought of it when everyone seems to be taking responsibility for the vets care or the firing of prosecutors or whatever. Like Carlin, if they want to take responsibility they can impress me by taking over some of my bills and debts. Now that is a responsibility I would appreciate.

I listen to Bush on his radio speech, I was underwhelmed! He spoke about the massive anti-war protests and said, "the Constitution says that we may have a peaceful protest and we just want to bring the same thing to Iraq." OK, how admireable, but has anyone in the admin asked the Iraqi people if that is what they want? Doubt it?

And now the Democrats--some totally forgetable person gave the Dems side, but DAMMIT! Please someone tell her it is Iraq not EYE-ROCK!

The anti-war movement is beginning and will only get bigger, my brothers from years past will be proud.

I live in the South, so ever year about this time something is pollenating, so everyone walks around snorting and coughing and sneezing. But for the last week or so the humidity has been 60% or more. So I believe that we are not suffering from allergies; we are breathing water--it has to be "gill disease".


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tumbleweed said...

Bush has no right to mention the Constitution, even in passing because he has done everything within his power to sidestep it.IMO.

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