26 March 2007

The American Society

Around the world, people are chomping at the bit to come to this country, for they perceive it as gold brick road and a wonderful life. Boy, they need to wake up!

The society they want to join:

a couple tortures 4 yr old to death
bartender beaten by cop
Senior women beaten and robbed by a thug
babies stolen from hospitals
teen charged with 128 felonies at one time
man kills wife and cuts her up
Governmental reps chasing pages

Why would any normal individual see this as the perfect society? Think about it, if they want to come here, just how flippin' sick is their current society? The American society is becoming more perverted and diseased with each passing year and people are dying trying to enter into this society. Either those people are just plain stupid or the rest of the world is more sick than the good old US of A. Either way it is a sad, sad indictment on civilization, and I use the term very, very loosely.


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