17 March 2007

Human Shields

Here is one for thought.

Human Shields

Do you recall the 1st Gulf War, when Saddam had those foreign civilians in Baghdad and they were being used as human shields? Do you remember? How about last summers Lebanon conflict? Israel accused Hezbollah of using civilians as human shields. Remember that?

Human shields have been used by everyone in time of war with the hope that it will protect whatever it is one is hiding in a populated are. Germany used it in WWII! Rebs used it in Vicksburg to keep the Yankees from bombarding the city! Just search history, you will find it used a lot and always for the same reason.

During the Lebanon conflict, the media was all over the human shields being used by Hezbollah. Israel used it as an excuse for most of the civilian deaths. Western media made sure that the world knew of what Hezbollah was doing.

The 1st Gulf War, remember that one? It was George I's attempt at saving the world, when basically we were saving Israel and multinationals. Anyway, that bastard Saddam had foreign civilians housed in a hotel in Baghdad and the media, again, made sure that the world was aware of this dastardly deed. And they made sure you knew that Saddam was wrong in using civilians as a shield against attack.

You may be asking yourself--why are we talking about this now? An excellent question!

It seems that Israel's excursion into Nablus on the West Bank by the IDF to find bad guys and to protect itself, anyway they are being investigated for using Arab civilians as a sheild against attack. What? You heard me! Israel is using the technique themselves and yet nothing or very little is being reported in the Western media. Why? It is hard to condemn an organization for their tactics when you employ the same. So to protect Israel's reputation, it is being ignored in the West. Remember--CNN--"All the news you need to know"--a very cute slogan and I guess that shows that THEY decided what news you need to know.

Here is something to think about--the surge in process in Baghdad--the troops will clear an area and build post within the area so that the troops will be seen as friends. But it you think about it, they clear a Shi'a area and start staying there, right? Sounds like a shield to me! Let us see, you have troops living and working in a Shi'a area, would that not possibly cut down the amount of violence and attacks--Shi'as would want to be sure that Shi'as are safe.

Sorry, sleepers, a human shield by anyother name is still a shield.



tumbleweed said...

Israel has used human shields quite a few times in the past, and no Israeli soldier has ever be covicted of the offense.Amnesty Intenational has documented a list of cases.

CHUQ said...

AI is not considered a good source by the US. The rest of the world seems to appreciate their work, but the US and Israel seem to think they are a bunch of lefties, to use a term from another source.

Thanx for visiting, I appreciate the support.

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