25 March 2007

A Thought

How about that Palestine? They have successfully formed a unity government, yes it is still a bit shaky, but an effort non the less. Israel not happy! The US is pouting because someone went behind their backs and actually accomplished something, the very thing the US has been trying to prevent.

Rice is going to the ME to have the Saudis alter their 2002 Peace proposal, as I have said, no doubt in Israel's favor. She is a pain in the ass! I say since the US has always had Israel's best interst at heart, that they should not be the arbitrator in any peace negotiations. WHY? They are not impartial--their main concern is to look after the interests of Israel and the US military-industrial complex. These alone should disqualify them fro participating in the process.

Now, polls show that 2/3 of Palestinians want a peaceful settlement to the conflict and they have a unity government and now it is time for the world to step up and help a peace be found. The Saudi plan should be stuck with--it is basically a plan for land for peace. It is that simple, but then the US comes along with some mouthy bitch and complicates the proposal into something a lawyer would find confusing.

It is time for the US to remove its nose from Israel's butt, bow out and let the real peace process move on!



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