13 March 2007

The Democrats

I agree with Bill Maher, the democrats are "pussies"! Bill Clinton showed them how it should be done when he went after the FOX guy interviewing him. But they have learned nothing, they are still being mamby pamby in their approach to just about everything. Once they got control they talked tough, but the toughness has been replace with an attitude of "well maybe we should work together".

The candidates are no better, they beat their fists on the podium and wimp out at the first sign of trouble. If they cannot be tougher they will lose in November. Have you noticed that the attacks on Hilary are subsiding? Why? The Repubs want her to be the candidate! Why? She can be beat by a republican candidate, regardless who that candidate is.

The democrats need to pick a stance and stick with it, instead they seem to be changing with the political winds. This is a prescription for disaster.


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