22 March 2007

Alternative Fuels

This is a really wide and all encompassing subject and I am sure the debate will go on long after I crap out. I mean there is electric, hydrogen, hybrids, yada, yada. The question to askis who will win out in the end? Will the oil companies find a way retain control over our lives or will some new industry grab us by the cajones in the future?


You remember WWII, if not just turn your TV onto the Hitler channel, soory, a slip of the tongue, histroy channel and you can learn all a bout it. The Holocaust, the pyhic stuff, the Gestapo, yada, yada.

But above all the crap, German scientist were flippin' amazing; you know rockets, jets, a sound canon, stuff like that. At the end of WWII, these scientist were sucked up and sent to the US and USSR, so they could continue their research and work. So basically, the Cold War was about their German scientist battling our German scientists.

I read a story many years ago about the Germans research into synthetic fuel--what happened to that research? They (Germans) actually had already put this man made fuel into operation, but unfortunately, the war ended. And when that happened there were scores of military types scouring the country to find and steal all the good stuff they could. So what happened to the synthetic fuel?

If I had to guess, it is in a vault someplace safe so that it could never be put into use. Do you realze what that would do to oil companies? If it ever appeared it would send the entire world's economies into a tail spin. And as the super capitalist that we are, we cannot allow that to happen.

I say, screw the world! If it is there use it! I have been hungry before and survived. The problem is this planet we live on will not survive the damage that humanity is heaping onto it. If the formula exist, it should be used. If it does not exist, why is there little research into re-inventing the formula? Those damn oil companies weild more influence than you think. They will allow ethanol to be used as an additive, but I do not think a replacement for oil will ever be allowed to emerge.

Just a thought.


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