12 March 2007

Before and After

OK I gotta question for all those out there. Take any weight loss commercial on the tube, Jeny Craig, Weightwatchers, yad, yada, and more yada. they inevitably show the before and the after, right? Stacy M. lost 48 lbs, a pic before and after, or Barb Z. lost 28 lbs, a pic before and after, and it goes on and on and on...........

Are you awake yet? OK, the question is the fat chick is a brunette and the after is a blonde. Why?Does society dictate that if you lose weight you need to be a blonde? Or is it, now that they are slimmer they think that blonde is the color of skinny? Just what is it, that makes women need to be blonde after a weight loss?

Just wondering!



MemeMarie said...

ha ha, good one Chuq!

And another thing... IF these work so well, then why don't the dr.s give you these "diet wonders"?

I mean, if they can turn you from a brunette into a blonde... ha ha

Not sure, I lost weight,and I'm still a brunette :-)

CHUQ said...

I like the ones that show a fat guy and he loses weight and he now has 6 pack abs--they want me to believe that the pill did that? I may be easy, but not that easy.

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