03 March 2007

Movement In B Sharp

Let us speak about the new Anti-War movement that is forming and going through some birthing pangs, Is it good? Hell, yea it is good! Dissention is very patriotic. look at our fore-fathers. Maybe that was not a good analogy--a bunch of fat rich bastards wanting to control their own country--Not a good example. Sorry!

The country is starting to get behind the anti-war movement, we have vets against the Iraq war, we have students demostrating at college campuses and a recent march on Washington. It is growing daily. Even the pompous Democrats have jumped unto the bandwagon--is that good? Probably not! Why? They will subvert it to the point that it will probably succeed only to be reborn at the next great war. Politicians are about as trustworthy and sincere as a rattlesnake in heat.

The problem will be, the people are jumping onto this quickly and as with the anti-movement from our recent past, they will jump off just as quickly. Once they have achieved whatever it is, they are after, it will be forgotten and the will move on to something else that will catch their fancy until the next "great" injustice arrives. The Americans are not consistent with any of their so-called ideals. They go with the flow aned then move on, like a herd of sheep looking for new grazing.

In the 70's the 18 yr old got the vote and that was sufficient to quell the radical ideals of the day, once the young felt that they were being listened to, they fell into line with the very same people they were fighting against. So what am I saying? That is easy--The American people are idiots for the most part, easily appeased and flippin' lazy. Until they learn to live by their ideals and stop falling for every political game the powers that be are offering.

The scenario being played out now, ws played out during Vietnam and now once again they same BS is being fought against. The people learned NOTHING! And unfortunately, after this play is over another will take its place and the results will just continue, ad nauseum.


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