20 March 2007

The Approaching Storm.

The Coming Doom!

What doom are we gonna talk about, CHUQ? How about the doom of the coming retirement of babyboomers. Next year the oldest of the boomers will begin to retire and will the system be able to handle it in the coming years? IMO, don't think so.

Remember Reagan? Well he and a democratic Congress hammered out a deal back in the 80's that saved SS and the retirees from losing their benefits. But unfortunately, no one noew seems to be watching out for the retirees. Why is that? Well, you know, there are two wars going on and God knows how many others may be in the planning stage; that takes cash! And where will the cash come from now that we have had break cuts and such?

Domestic spending is down, war spending is at record levels and even more is needed. From where will they get the extra funds for their wars? Domestic programs will take it in the butt. Demos were thrown into the power place by the voters last November and have yet to do anything about the war, with the exceptionof a lot of lip service. Does anyone in this classroom think that domestic programs will be expanded? May I see a show of hands? For any who raised the hands, there is conical hat and a corner with your name on it, please progress to the rear of the room and assume your position.

Personally, I am one of those that believe that all American people should have adequate education, health care, retirement and so on; then once that is accomplished the government may go ahead and start as many wars as they like. But never at the cost of the American people!

The bad news is since the domestic programs are pretty much ignore in favor of whatever it is they are trying to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan, which by the way is going quite badly, domestic programs will soon be at critical mass. Meaning they will soon implode and in doing so will effect in the neighbohood of 78 million people.

I call on the Democrats to get off their butts and make domestic programs an essential part of their platform. End the war--use the money where it is truly needed--the American people!



tumbleweed said...

Good point CHUQ. I feel we have a looming health care crisis on the horizon and politicians are asleep at the wheel.IMO. We are struggling with providing adequate health care as it is and the babyboomers will be flooding the health care system because a lot of them are not in real great shape.

CHUQ said...

You are right! I am one of those who will be hitting the system soon. Again the reps need to pay attention to what is happening and stop worrying about headlines.

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