12 March 2007

It's A Lula Of A deal

Bush, pres of the US and Lula, Pres of Brazil have signed a deal that they would cooperate on the production of bio-fuels. Is this a good deal? Who flippin' knows! If it is a good deal for the environment, why has none of the details been released? I mean, Bush has a dismal record on the environment and the global warming thing. Then why not tell the world about this new deal if it is a good thing?

Brazil and the US are the world's only bio-fuel producers! Is it possible that this deal is a cooperation to set up an organization to control the prices and production? (Snap, snap) Ypou know kinda like an OPEC thing?

It is starting to smell like a deal to control the industry and the profits, if bio-fuels are inevitable then the oil companies may suffer and we know that the Bush boys cannot have that.

Rio is a lovely city, lots of nude beaches and great looking women, ok I have priority, but IMO, something is rotten in Sao Paolo.



MemeMarie said...

If it is a deal to control prices and production, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

CHUQ said...

I think there is something about this deal that they do not want the American ppl to know.

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