14 March 2007


OK I wanna bitch! The news has given us a couple of trucks parked in houses, cars doing strange things, etc, etc, but why? These stories are good for local news but why does CNN report such things. I mean, is there no news from around the world, that you would have to use this type of filler? Ok, some of them are tragedies and such, but it is still local news. I suggest that CNN allow the local guys to do their jobs and CNN could go back to reporting on world events and stories.

OK, I'm a news geek--but come on! Are you telling me that there is no news from Darfur, so we must go to an airplane that misses a runway? Or no one has died from starvation, becuase the world is too damn busy worrying about tractor trailer that took out half a house, with no one home, in Poedunk, Arkansas?

The American people and their government are so screwed up that it has become a comedy of errors.

'Nuff said?


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