09 March 2007

Intelligent Design


Intelligent design. HUH? When did creationism become intelligent design? I guess I was standing on the dock and that boat just past be by.

Let me see if I have it about right--God created man in his image about 5000years ago. He did not evelve from ooze from a bog into man over millions of years. Ok, this elderly gent made man in his image and then a woman from a rib--and this is basically, intelligent design, I realize this a simplistic look at tghe theory, but to go further, I would be dead and gone by its completion.

So this benevolent being with a wealth of intelligence formed this being known as man.

Does anything about man show any intelligence? NO! It shows an extreme lack of intelligence. Would an intelligent being make another being that would have kids kill kids over shoes or kids having babies and then leaving them in a dumpster or a man that uses a stun gun on a 19 month baby? Hopefully the answer is NO!

If there is an intelligent being watching over the world, then I would suggest that he flush this toilet and try again, this experiment is a total failure. It does not deserve to continue. Of course, we could always blame Satan for the failure, but that would just be looking for someone to blame other than ourselves.

God gave man a brain and in doing so gave the decision making to him, so man can only blame himself for any of the ridiculous occurrances in his life. It is a shame God did not give man the intelligence to fix his own problems and in doing so man is a worthless lump of proto-plasm that serves no necessary functions, other than destroying everything he touches.



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