08 March 2007

Where Have All The Free Markets Gone?

What Happened To The Free Market?

This is a subject that is tossed around by just about anybody that wants their mug on TV. What are free markets? Since I am not an economic expert, I will give you a simple definition: Free markets are basically, the economic markets that are free of intervention, by the government or such. I guess the Law of Supply and demand would be a good anology--supply low -prices high and vice versa.

Sounds good, but the free markets that Adam Smith envisioned were a great idea, never worked! About the only places this actually may work is the stock exchange, some retailing and an ever dwindling small manufacturing sector. Oh yeah, it seems to work best in the Drug Trade.

Multinationals, companies that deal in the world capitalist system, have turned the idea of free market into a pipedream. They obey none of the laws of national governments or the market strategy.

These multinationals have a tendency to fixed prices and make nonesense of the idea that there is a free market. These seem to gravitate to the third world, why? The five easy freedoms, they are: no corporate income tax, no import duties, no property taxes no excise taxes and finally monetary and political incentives like weak or no unions and another thing is, most of the countries in the third world are desperate for foreign capital.

Basically, what I am saying is, THERE ARE NO FREE MARKETS--it is an illusion. Even the Stock market is not a free market, for trading is controlled by computers, say a bad slide starts and after a prescribed amoun of time, the computer kicks in ans suspends trading until the following day and will continue until the market stabilizes.

What to do? What to do? Grin and bear it! That is unless you have a better approach; the multinationals are here to stay and they will control the entire world, if they already do not. Wars? They benefit the multnationals! Peace? Benefits the multinationals not

You are looking at the control of everything by the corporations--The fact is that most of the world is already control by them and the small part that is not controlled is in their sights and only time will tell when that small part will fall.



tumbleweed said...

A free market to me is other countries dumping their low quality products on our markets without any consequences.There is nothing free about it. Our manufacturing base has been in a steady decline since these free trade agreements were drawn up.

CHUQ said...

I agree and the free markets are gone; they are controlled by govts and their rush for cash.

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