04 March 2007

A News Geek Revolt!

OK I have had enough of Smith and Brtitney and Hurley and tornadoes and ....yada yada Yada!

It is time to move on, people are dying, people are starving, people are being ....whatever else the human race can doto itself and all the news is FLUFF! Why? Are the American people that starved for bullshit that it is popular? If so, it could explain why we as a country have so many problems overseas. We do not think that the suffering of average human beings is a significant news story, but yet will spend hours upon hours upon hiours on crap.

Do you really care that E. Hurley married some Indian guy? Do you really care where Smith is going to be buried? Do you really give a shit what happens to Britney? If you answers are yes to any of these questions, themnn may suggest that you buy a reliable hasndgun and do the world a favor and oft yourself.

The fewer mental midgets we have the better life will be for the rest of us. If you are looking for sympathy I suggest you get a webster's and look between shit and syphillis, you should be able to find sympathy.


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