30 March 2007

A Good Question

If you go to Google Maps and type in New Orleans you get the image before Katrina. Why? I mean the lower 9th Ward is in tact, sorry guys but that is not the truth. Is this ploy to give the impression that the recovery is going well? Google says that it is the only image they have of the area--WRONG! It was showing a more accurate image awhile back. Why are they now showing a LIE?

Oh, my bad! I forgot--Who cares? I mean there are tornadoes in mid-America that are far more destructive than Katrina--if you believe that--YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

I mean the tornado takes out an area the size of 2 football fields, and Katrina effect at least 5 states, but that is somehow not that relevant today, is it? So to those that seem to want to forget Katrina--I have but one statement for you and please understand that I sincerely mean this--BITE ME!



Evorgleb said...

We've been talking about Google showing pre-Katrina map images over at Highbrid Nation. I'm gonna wait and see before I cry out comspiracy but its looking very suspect.

CHUQ said...

Thanx for visiting. Since Google was showing a more accurate map in the past, the question iswhy go to the current map. They say it is the only image they have--that is a lie. So if comspiracy fits--run with it.

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