16 March 2007

Your Legislators

You know who I mean; those guys and gals you send to Washington to represent you. Now I ask, Do they represent your interests?

Most likely they do not! You hear all the time that this guy or that gal voted their conscience. Do we pay them to vote their conscience? I say NO! We pay them to do our bidding in Washington. Come on think about it! Let say that 55% of the voters in a district are against the school prayer thing and you rep votwes for it--who is he/she representing?

Personally, I do not give two craps in hell about his/her conscience. I am concerned that they vote the way that the majority of their constituents believe. But because of this representative form of government, they are allowed to vote anyway they want, because there is no recourse for the voter, other than an election every 4 years or so. Is is no recourse for recalling the ones that are self-serving and an adequate representative. But then again, ALL politicians are self-serving; the voter is a necessary inconvenience. Why? What can they do besides bitch? Nothing!

The time has come for these self-serving millionaires to be accountable, which under the present system; they will NEVER be accountable. The American people bitch constantly about the actions of these people, but yet do NOTHING.

It is true! The American People Get The Government They Deserve.



Tumbleweed said...

I agree. Unfortunately, it will take an act of congress to change the system. Accountability is the exception in politics, and a smooth talking politician can convince voters of just about anything, including why they voted a particular way.

CHUQ said...

If they (Dems) want to attack the ethics thing, then why not also include the accountability thing? I might be one of the best things they have ever done.

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