09 March 2007

An Early Daylight Savings Time

This weekend , 3 weeks early, daylight savings time will kick in. Why? Ok the admin says it will saving energy, give people more time to relax, yada, yada. The only prob is the biggest proponent of this change is a guy Markey, the prob with all his data for then change is from the 70's and are not much good in these days.

So why do we go to an early time change, if so many people like farmers, airlines, etc are against it? Was anyone consulted before this became law? Does not appear many were asked what they thought. So, if so many are against it why does it go into effect?

The first thing that came to my mind was--we will be on the road more and thus more gas would be sold. And since most of the admin leaders are oil men, it makes good sense to me. What better reason for the change than profits! I mean since all the oil companies are suffering so, they need something to help their profit margin. BTW, that is sarcasm.

May I see a show hands of all those that think this change was brought about because of concern for thed average person?

If your hand is up--you may proceed to the nearest corner and stand there until told to sit down.



Marie said...

Good writing Professor! I think the whole thing is a crock anyways, if they can show us some "savings" from daylight savings, maybe then I would believe it! LOL

CHUQ said...

There will never be a savings that is why Arizona does not go with it. You are right it is a crock!

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