26 March 2007

Rantings Of A Cheesed Guy!

There are a couple of things I would like to rant about:

PD and FD, regardless of where you live, these people are held up as some kind of hero--Why? It is there job to do what it is they are called upon to do. No one else that is doing their job is even closely considered a hero, it is doing their job. As a worker after Katrina, 4 of us were working drying houses only hours after the storm, but not one person called us a hero, we were doing what we are paid to do. These people, the FD and PD, are doing their job, yes it is dangerous, but they know that when they applied for the employment, so to call them heroes is to lessen the acts of TRUE heroes.

NOw lets move on to the lost Boy Scout, this was a tragedy that turned out happily, but come on did it deserve hours upon hours of coverage? Maybe on a local station to keep the community abreast on the efforts, but on national media? And then the famous line came, "we have him". And then every expert on record came parading on to tell what "we got him" meant. Sorry, but I am smart enough to know what it meant, I did not need the added coverage.

Again I am happy that the boy was found safe, but it was not national news at the expense of the world affairs. It is extremely sad that the American need this type of fluff to keep them watching the news.


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