28 September 2007

Bush Seeks More War Funds

And he will probably get them. The Dems are trying to put some earmarks on the bill to accomplish something. It may work or who knows. It will depend on how bad the Prez wants to extra funds.

But wait! The Admin has said the extra money will be for equipment repair, safer vehicles, and.....wait....,wait...safer vehicles? You mean the troops, who are the most important thing to this admin, at least that is their line, still does not have safer vehicles? WHY?

This is a sad thing the Admin is doing! If the Dems defeat the call for more funds, the Repubs will use it as an election tool to make the Dems seem as if they are abandoning the troops. What a sick, sick and perverted game these a/holes play. When will the people realize just how perverted these people are? Unfortunately, not in my lifetime. I can only hope that somewhere down the line people will realize just how sick politicians are and hopefully will do something about it.

But, I ask a lot and I know that deep down the people will just roll over and ignore the crap so they do not have to think.


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