11 September 2007

A Rememberance

Oh God! Here we go! Last week it was Diana and now today there will be endless reports on 9/11. Do the American people need to be reminded of the day? Are they that short sighted that they could forget the day? Why must we be consumed with death?

With that I ask, was it a coincidence that the general's report came the day before 9/11? Or is it just the plan, that is to keep the "Fear Card" in the minds of the people? Where does this whole thing end? For a society that cares little about the aged, we are all consumed with the death of others, why? At what point does the obsession with death become perverted?

Do the people that were killed on that day deserve recognition? Yes, they do! But that is for the families to decide, not the media or anyone else. By turning it into a media circus, they are lessening the deaths.

Just my thoughts on the "day of infamy".


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