14 September 2007

What Can The Democrats Do?---Page 3

First of all let us look at a few facts. Presidential approval is at 30% nationwide. 65% of the American people are against the war. The people voted the Dems into office on a anti-war program. Dems are still not capable of stand up to the president.

Now I will say to the Dems. "GROW SOME CAJONES!" You were tasked to end this obscenity. Go on the attack! You have been given an attack opening take it! But then, I ask, were you ever seriously considering ending the war or was it political sh*t to get elected? Do you weasels realize just how impotent you appear to those who voted for you last year? Come on! I mean you cannot find a way to take on an unpopular president? If not, step aside and find people with nuts!

OK, let me give you an idea, since none of you seem to be able to find a handle. Give Pres 90 days to come up with a compromise or the dollars dry up. It is just that simple. Try it, you will like it!

Keep in mind also guys, there is an election coming and the people that helped you get in office will be voting again. Why would they vote for anyone who cannot find a way to stand up to an unpopular president? Just a thought, Dudes!



Tumbleweed said...

I don't look for the Democrats to do much more than attempt to make the Republicans look bad.

CHUQ said...

You would think that they would formulate another game plan, but they will just keep plugging on the lame one they have now. Kinda like the Saints and their lame game plan.

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