21 September 2007

What Is Up With MoveOn.Org?

Recently the pres was all over MoveOn.org in one of his manure spreading photo ops. he called their recent ad in the WSJ about Patraeus as "disgusting".

Thinking.....thinking......Is MoveOn.org on the Bush payroll? They are a liberal site, a "leftist" site? But for ten days the Bush Admin has gotten miles and miles of use out of the ad. The ad has given these guys an opportunity to divert attention from the inconsistency of the Iraq reports and call into their patriotism. It has worked and worked well. Seldom has the media attempted to explain the different reports and their conclusions, which by the way are no where near what the Pres and the Repubs are saying. They spin a little news then they immediately fly off into a diatribe about the MoveOn.org ad. Even the Congress has jumped on this silly bandwagon. When? They passed a thing yesterday that condemned the organization for their add. A waste of time at best.

Just looks like that MoveOn.org was the best thing that could have happened to Bush for he has something that can divert attention from the not-so-good reports that have been given to Congress. Even the lame Congress is playing this game.

Are you asking yourself why the fuss? If not then maybe your are in a coma or maybe just a moron.


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