10 September 2007

Love/Hate Affair--A Vicious Cycle

Is Osama on the payroll of the GOP? why do you ask, Professor? Osama seems to be the most vocal when there is an election in the making. When the news is not its best, Osama makes a statement and Bush calls him on it and the ratings go up.

Osama is the best thing that could have ever happened to the Bush Admin. Why? Defense spending was a priority and was in sad shape in 2001, but then BAM! 9/11 and the pres got everything he wanted out of the Congress. From that point on, the FEAR CARD, is always played when it will be the most effective.

Osama picks his moments to go public. Almost everytime his comments aid the Bush Admin in whatever battle they are facing. Osama needs the Repubs to win the election. Why? It will keep his brand of Islam in the forefront of everybody's mind and will only assist AQ in their recruitment programs.

So, Osama has a vested interest in who will win the next election. He will be heard from a couple more times before the election. The Repubs love to hate Osama, but he is the pillar of their policies.

Enough Said!?!

I am CHUQ and I have approved every word of this post.

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