07 September 2007

Do They Earn Their Money?

Do you work 8 hrs a day? How about 5 days a week? Or maybe 40 hrs a week? These are questions I ask because I want to point out what you are getting for your money in the Senate.

While watching CSPAN2 today was fortunate enough to catch the Senate adjourning for the weekend at 1230 hrs ET. They return to work on Tuesday the 4th of September and leave at 1230 on the 7th. Not bad huh? But wait there is more! Next week they will work 3 days because they will be off Thursday and Friday for a Jewish holiday.

Maybe we should pay these a/holes by the piece of legislation that they actually pass? We are definitely not getting our money's worth out of them. I am sorry, but we pay these guys way too much for the work they actually do.

If you think these guys are earning their pay, I suggest that you watch them on CSPAN and your opinion will be altered. It is a pathetic bunch of wealthy people playing games with your money and your lives.


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