28 September 2007

DUCK! The Minorities Are Coming!

The Republican front runners are ducking another minority forum. Rudy,Mitt,McCain and Thompson all are ducking the African-American forum in Baltimore. They cite scheduling as the reason they cannot attend. Scheduling problems? Is that not the same lame excuse they used for not appearing at a Hispanic forum?

What are the Repubs afraid of they would purposefully duck out on a voting bloc? Could it be that they have nothing for minorities? The Repubs spend all their time telling us how they want to help companies make all the money and that they have NO idea what to do with the domestic side of the election. Any stand on a domestic issue that they may have gives companies a free hand with the people. Not one of them has a descent domestic stand. They spend all their time playing the Bush Fear Card and none on the policies that would actually help the American people.

So, with that said--Repubs are cowards! They had rather duck out of a fight than stand their ground and tell the people where they stand on the issues.

THEY ARE COWARDS!!!!!! I do not want a coward running my country. How about you?


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