22 September 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

Damn! Saturday already! Time flies when you are medicated! LOL

This week the poll watch is fairly extensive. I found in Foreign Policy magazine a poll taken of the 100 top foreign policy experts, both conserv and liberal and wanted to share with my reader(s) the findings.

Is the world more dangerous or safe? 91% more dangerous, 2% safer

Is The US winning the WOT? 84% No, 6% Yes

Is surge working? 53% No, 17% Yes

Would a withdrawal of troops lead terrorist back to US? 49% Unlikely, 12% Likely, 39% Cannot say.

None of this poll and the conversations with the experts, bears out anything that the Bush and his entourage are saying.

BONUS...........Just thought I would throw in the latest results from the Zogby poll.

Congressional approval is at 11%.

Presidential approval is at 29%

But yet they are still the leaders of the country. Come on people!


tumbleweed said...

Interesting poll Chuq. That should be front page news. IMO. Let the truth be known.

CHUQ said...

Hi Tumble, welcome back! Where's Meme? Thanx the poll was featured in Foreign Policy magazine, not one ogf the most read in my part of the country. LOL. I agree and I try to get it out there.

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