14 September 2007

John Edwards, The Populist?

At a recent meeting of the INKWELL Discussion Group, the INKWELL 3, it was decided that from time to time a statement on the candidates will be released. We will begin this series with our opinion on the Democratic candidate John Edwards.

It has been said that Edwards is really a leftist, a populist. His ideas on healthcare, foreign policy and so forth are said to be from the extreme left wing of the party. To this I say--BUNK! This candidate is NO leftist; he is however a staunch capitalist and there lies his true nature.

Here is my take on the candidate, Edwards. He is small minded, parochial, conformist, acquisitive, and easily manipulated by the power base. He tries to be anti-intellectual, scapegoats easy/abstract targets; he is charismatic, yet appears to be approachable and promotes small scale capitalism. All this plays well with the public, but IMO, is not enough for the masses to support him. His ambulance chasing past will come out more and more and will turn off the voter more and more.

If the voter is on the left then I suggest they continue to find another candidate, for Edwards is no LEFTIST!


14 Sept 2007


Tumbleweed said...

I don't think he's a leftist. He is left of center. IMO. He's still trying to define himself from the other frontrunners.IMO.

CHUQ said...

Left of center is the perfect description, after all he is still a massive capitalist, so to equate him with the "real" Left is absurd.

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