15 September 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

Another Saturday, another poll watch. Just how f*cking lucky can you be?

AP Poll shows that Americans say that Iraq is a failure. 59% yes and 39% no.

A poll taken in Iraq shows that 57% of Iraqis want the US gone.

Here is the most disturbing poll that I read.

33% of the American people still think that Saddam was involved with 9/11.

Here is a factoid I wanted to throw at my readers, all one of you.

The American people blame the lost of manufacturing jobs on the move of them to China. FYI, in the period of 1995-2002, the US lost 2 million manufacturing jobs, the Chinese lost 15 million in the same period. Why is this? Even the Chinese companies look for cheap labor so the jobs went to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.


Tumbleweed said...

I read that our sawmills are being affected by shipping furniture manufacturing overseas, mainly to China. It's getting to be the only thing made in America is jobs to be sent overseas.lol.

CHUQ said...

But yet they want you to believe the stats that manuf. jobs rose by 3%. They were all in the fast food industry since the Bush people have said that is in the manufacturing sector.

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