07 September 2007

Is It War Or Not?

For months now there has been a war of words between Israel and Syria, both sides say the other is preparing to launch a strike across the border. and both sides have said No-No-you need rehab. This is from the UK's Independent newspaper:

Syria was considering its response last night after an Israeli warplane violated Syrian air space and was accused of dropping ammunition inside the country. The incident, near the Turkish border on Wednesday, came just after midnight at a time when tensions are running high between the two neighbours. It prompted Syrian air defence units to open fire on the Israeli jets, Syrian officials said.

The Israeli aircraft "infiltrated Syrian air space through the northern border, coming from the direction of the Mediterranean, and headed towards northeastern territory, breaking the sound barrier," said the official Syrian news agency, Sana. "The Syrian Arab Republic warns the government of the Israeli enemy and reserves the right to respond according to what it sees fit."

A Syrian official added: "They dropped bombs on an empty area while our air defences were firing heavily at them." Residents said they heard the sound of five planes or more above the Tal al-Abiad area on Syria's border with Turkey, about 100 miles north of the Syrian city of Rakka.

The Israeli army refused to comment on the incident but no casualties or damage were reported. "We cannot discuss military operations," a spokesman said.

Syria has not responded yet to the incident. But if true, who fired the first shot in this new conflict? Is this a provocation by Israel, to force a head to head with Syria? What purpose did the incursion into Syrian airspace serve?

I will look forward to the answers.

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