11 September 2007

What Can Democrats Do?

I heard it said this morning that Patraeus and Crocker are the last bullet in the stay the course gun. The President is banking everything on their reports. And their reports are just what was ordered by the President. Nothing new was offered by either of the guys to the House panel. It was the same old stuff that has been flying around Washington for at least a year.

Are the Dems screwed? you bet they are. They keep zeroing in on a hopeless cause, that being the end of the war. If they continue along the lines they seem to want to travel, they will face the voters and it will not be pretty. It has been said that they need to move past the war in Iraq and move to a position of the security of the US. They should state that the war is stretching our troops to the breaking level. Numerous deployments, families in trouble, troops with moral probs, and so on. The Dems need to say that this will reduce the security of the country if it continues along these lines.

Regardless of which pundit becomes Pres, we will still be in Iraq and still facing the same situation year after year. Now it is time for some one in the Dem party to realize that their present stance is a loser; they need a new approach with the war in mind. It can be done, but it will take a brilliant person to see that the Dems move past their loser stance they are grasping for all it is worth.

So the Dems are screwed and are screwing themselves.


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