09 September 2007

Weekly News UpDate

It is a Sunday and I am tired of trying to teach my dog to yoddle!

OK here we go! This is the yin and the yang

The Boda and the Bing

Take a snooze, for this is worthless f*cking news!

1--It is raining planes again; there were crashes in CA, Poland, NV, VA, FL and NY, just to mention a few. The train is looking more appealing daily.

2--The famed Coney Island may soon be gone. Developers are buying up the land and no one seems to know what they are planning.

3--Some a/hole paid $100 million for a diamond encrusted skull--now that is having more money than brains.

4--report that a DC Fire House was running some sort of hooker operation out of it. Maybe they were bored!

5--A 3000 yr old beekeeping site has been found in Israel. What a honey of a story!

6--New report on MINN bridge that collapsed--they are blaming pigeon sh*t! It is corrosive and damaging over the yrs. I guess it easier than finding out what really happened.

7--McDonald's sells 17 Big Macs per second. Just buy them and glue them to your ass.

8--A young woman was thrown off a flite because of the way she was dressed. She wore a white mini dress and a green sweater. Nothing exposed, with the exception of a great pair of.....legs. I was unaware that there was a dress code for flying.

Not much more that has not been reported. All and all it was a exceptional average week!

The Professor is OUT--peace y'all!

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