14 September 2007

The Sub Prime Crisis

Alrighty then, hopefully you are aware of the crisis in the subprime market. If not, then here ya go! The subprime is when borrowers had bad credit or did not make enough money to buy a house. They were referred to a subprime lender who worked with them so they could buy the American dream.

Now that there are layoffs and such, some are coming forward and telling of the shady practices of these lenders. Thinking.....thinking.......they are saying that they lied on applications to help secure the loans. That is a felony! If they are so worried about it, why did they not report it when they were doing it? Answer--f*cking greed! They make ba-zillions off these people, but now that their cash cow has dried up, they are so concerned about the practices of the companies that worked within the subprime markets.

Give me a break you little weasel, you are pissed you got laid off and now you are spilling your guts. I say everyone of them needs to be prosecuted for their greed. This is nothing more than a bunch of crooks pouting over the loss of their exploitation of working people. Nothing they are saying is about doing the right thing, just sour grapes from being laid off.

These organizations, IMO, are pigs and deserve to be sent to slaughter.



Tumbleweed said...

I say TS if they they are out of a job. If they would have done more to correct the [problem than contribute to it they would still have a job. Suck it up.LOL.

CHUQ said...

I agree--they are whining for the loss of their job which meant f*cking the public. Suck it up! Very good comment.

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