26 September 2007

Bush's New Attack Dog

Bush was only at the podium for about 15 minutes and everyone I talked with wondered why he did not mention Iran more and the problems with the nuke thing. I too wondered but then my mental questions were answered. The French President took the podium and began attacking Iran. Time and time again he would come back to the Iran situation. Blair is gone and hopefully soon forgotten, but now Bush has a new attack dog to do all his dirty work for him, that is Sarkozy! He even threatened Iran with war at one point. We are heading down a road that will lead only to the dead end of war. Someone has got to step up and stop this madness before these little mental midgets do something that will effect the whole world adversely.

When will the tiny minds of Americans grasp the horrible consequence of these actions? It is pure stupidity to ignore or defend this bullsh*t! It will NOT make the US a safer and more secure place! You might want to pay attention, a good start would be to remove your head from your ass.


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