11 September 2007

Professor's Patraeus Report

Well, well I t has finally arrived! To begin with there was an hour of Representatives telling the general what a fine upstanding individual he was. They patted, kissed, massaged, babbled on and on about what a great guy he was and how much they admired his work. YAWN!

Now to the grits and the gravy! Did you hear anything new? I did not! It was the same thing the pres has been saying since the end of August. Surge is succeeding, violence down, political situation is bad, etc, etc. The same lame stuff you have been exposed to for a month or so.

What new did I learn? Glad you asked! Patraeus used the phrase, "I want to be up front with you" so many times I was gonna turn it into a drinking game. you where everytime he used it I would take a shot. But decided against it. And then there was Amb. Crocker--another fine upstanding individual, at least according to the Reps and their intros. Another endless massaging of the ego. What did I learn from Crocker? Let see....(thinking).....he is on the same page with the pres who is on the same page as Patraeus who is on the same page as Gates...on and on..and on........

Before I forget......Crocker had his own "catch" word....it was Federalism....which he used over and over, til I was becoming nauseous.

All in all, absolutely NOTHING new was said. Unless of course, you have been under a rock for the last several months, then you might have learned something. It was a monumental waste of time and resources. It gave the Pres his day and gave the Dems away out of their dilemma in Iraq.

If you were looking for good news to come out of this circus, you will be disappointed, but then if you are a voter, you are use to disappointment from your elected officials.

Whoop! There It Is!


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