15 September 2007

A Political Success In Iraq?

A question for the ages--will there be a political solution found for Iraq? The US Pres has said that is the goal of the US intervention--a politically stable Iraq. Thinking......thinking......Did I miss something while I was medicated? Was not Iraq stable before the invasion? I mean the US had a hard on for Saddam, but the political stability was there.

To begin with politics is a local endeavor--you know work locally--think nationally. In Iraq politics is closely linked with religious ideology--so that means complications are everywhere and should have been seen from the beginning of the US intervention. That would have been prudent, but prudence plays no part when the slobbering capitalist are thinking--OIL!

So is it really an Iraqi political solution that is looked for by the Admin? Or could it be just some success for the Bush and his entourage? Please--look at all happening in Iraq, does any of it appear to be from concern for the Iraqi people? If you said yes, then I suggest that you go back outside and hit that bong again.

Oh boy and now they want us to believe that they have a plan for the presidency? Please-- OK the Pres took heat from some reports that were not too good in July and he said wait for the Patraeus report in Sept and then benchmarks were not met and he is saying wait for March of 08, if all is not up to code by then, what will be the new date that we must wait on? How long will the Dems let this bullshit continue? They need to contact their spouses and get their nuts back; the American people gave them a course they wanted to see followed and so far the Dems have done nothing but go through the paces and accomplished NOTHING! Have the Dems realize that they are asking the American people to vote for them to run the country. They want to convince the majority to vote for them and their leadership. I was born at night, but not last night!

As always I go back to one of my fav sayings--"The American people get the government they deserve".



Tumbleweed said...

I don't forsee a political solution anytime soon for Iraq. They are too divided to accomplish anything. IMO. They need new leadership, just like we do.

CHUQ said...

I agree, but there could be a political success but the crap about making Iraq free for democracy has got to go. The Iraqis must find their own political solution.

The US is another story, no matter who gets in office, it will be business as usual.

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