06 September 2007

Reorganize The Iraqi Security Force

A recent report offered up some considerations on the possible reorganization of Iraqi security forces. After reading them I thought, would not this have been the best course from the beginning? I guess one could say better late than never. I reply--tell that to the dead Iraqis!

You know, I think we could have a better perspective on this war if we would remove our heads from our asses.

Some recommendations in a study on Iraq's security forces:

• Disband and reorganize Iraq's national police.

• Create instead a smaller organization responsible for specialized tasks, such as explosive ordnance disposal and urban search and rescue.

• Restructure the Interior Ministry, develop a five-year plan and work toward sustaining forces "in a manner that is free of real or perceived sectarian favoritism."

• Develop a functioning logistics and maintenance system within the Iraqi army that would enable it to operate independently of U.S. units.

• Continue to foster leadership development within the Iraqi army using its "train the trainers" approach.

• Establish a formal Iraqi police academy.

• Work with Iraqi leaders to provide heavily armored vehicles and better weapons for the police.

And you think that morons can run a war? HA!



tumbleweed said...

My take on this is they rushed the whole process for the sake of warm bodies to put on the front lines when they should have taken a bit more time to get it right the first time.

CHUQ said...

I think they were worried about the wrong set of people that would be their opposition.

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