16 September 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Before I begin I would like to take this opportunity to let my readers know of a landmark set by this blog. As of today there is approximately 1 billion people who have NOT visited this blog. I am just so underwhelmed that I am all but speechless.

Let us move on to the all the NEWS THAT NEEDS TO BE CONSUMED WITH BOOZE!

1--Pete Doherty, boy toy of supermodel, Kate Moss, has a video of him forcing his cat to inhale crack smoke--take that Micheal Vick!

2--Pam Anderson's two exs get into a fight at the Video awards.....thinking....she said mine's bigger! that would start a riot!

3--McD's employee was arrested for over salting a cops burger..........I got nothing.

4--Columbia has tried to enact a law that would make adultery a jail able offense--they want to preserve moral values--HA HA HA HA!

5--For the second time in a week Southwest has objected to a passenger's attire. This young lady was wearing a green dress with cleavage showing. She was made to wrap up in a blanket before she was allowed to fly. This comnpany has a real problem with women and their clothes.

6--Lamborghini is building a new sports car that will cost $1.4 million--most are being sold to men in the US....thinking...gee, sorry to hear about your dick!

7--Year of the Pig in China--and they have issued a stamp that commemorates the pig--it will taste like a popular pork dish. Oh yeah, it is scratch and sniff, too.

8--OJ in shit with law again, this time over sports stuff.

Well, there it is! Your absolutely worthless news.

Have a day! see Ya in the Funny Papers!

Peace and good day!


Tumbleweed said...

Great update Chuq.I hope they nail OJ.

CHUQ said...

Thanx, and I appreciate the visit--do it often--lol

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