09 September 2007

Fred Heads Unite!

Or is it Fred Necks unite? whichever suits you best.

But now that he is a candidate, an official candidate, the crap comes out and will it sway voters to or from his campaign?


1--waiting too long for announcement of candidacy.

2--implicated in a medicare fraud case.

3--firm represented those terrorists implicated in the Lockerbie plane bomb.

I am sure more will come to light as the campaigns go forward.

But Wait! There is more!

Fred has said that the anti-smoking ban by al-Qaeda is the reason that the Iraqi tribes have become allies with the US. ( I cannot make this stuff up!)

Now the question is, will Fred be successful in his bid? That is the $64 question. The mentality of the American people never ceases to amaze me on the grasp of bullsh*t.


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