14 September 2007

How To Avoid A Trainwreck

May I see a show of hands from those that have been watching the trainwrecks known as Paris, Britney and Lohan? Just about every- f*cking- body. COOL!

Now let us talk about Latin singing star Shakira. This young lady, OK I will admit a cutie with a great set of hips, but other than the obvious, she has helped build schools and kids programs in her native Columbia. Now she is enrolled in a Western civilization class at UCLA. Her prof, who did not know who she was until recently, has said that she is a very good student. She has taken other classes as well.

So to those that condemn these entertainers like Britney and Lohan, should see that not all are the fluff whores that the gruesome threesome portray. Maybe these air headed bimbos should take a page from Shakira's book on life. Apparently she is handling it better than anyone of the others.

But the more I think about those 3 going back to school, they would just resort to the time honored practice of f*cking your way to an "A". At least, they would be doing something constructive with their lives, instead of trying to go through it on auto pilot.

My hat is off to Shakira for her handling her life. There needs to be more role models like her. it is just ashame that this type of story gets very little play, instead we had rather hear about the personal trainwrecks of the Fluff Whores! Society is just f*cking sick!

I be done--Peace--Out!



Tumbleweed said...

Britney is the only one I saw in the news this week but man she looked bad in the awards show. She looked like an idiot and out of shape. Stumbling all over the place. Stick a spear in her.She's done !!! lol.

CHUQ said...

LOL! But I think that the story on Shakira should have been more reported, that would send a positive message to the kids. Media needs to let Britney go.

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