23 September 2007

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

The day after Saturday--well ain't that just f*cking ducky?

Let us move on, shall we? All the news that you cannot use!

1--At a Kerry meeting some guy would not give up mic so he was tased. His "Don't tase my bro" will live on youtube forever.

2--The Emmy's were a lead balloon in the ratings--Sally Field made a anti-war statement and that was the highlight.

3--A train wreck!! Britney baby has lost her manager, lawyer; her bodyguard will testify against her in custody battle; she has been charged with hit and run and with all that she may get a sitcom.

4--Pavarotti was worth $275 million--damn and my mother wanted me to taking singing lessons, but I was smarter than that.

5--Meteorite falls into South perun and people get sick--thinking....thinking....were any pods found?

6--Jesse jackson accuses Obama of acting white--can we stop this bullshit?!?

7--Hooters to open new place in China--thinking...thinking....where will they find the boobs to fill those t-shirts?

8--Cel phone use may contribute to hearing loss---HUH? WHAT?

9--More nooses found but in a North Carolina school yard--official said they did not know if it was a prank or maybe a sports tradition. WAIT! WAIT If it is a tradition would they not already know that?

10-Dear Mr. Bush--Castro is still alive--so the rape of Cuba will have to wait.

Well there you are the most worthless news that could be found--ENJOY!


Tumbleweed said...

Great update Chuq. The tasered guy was being a jerk about the whole thing but it sounded so silly I didn't pay much attention to it.

Sally Fields is aging nicely.

Britney is brain dead, only from the neck up.

I loved Pavarotti music for some odd reason.

That Meteorite was a plugged smoke stack hairball from a nearby factory that just happened to land in Peru.

Hooters in China? That must be part of a trade agreement.

I can't afford a cell phone so no worries there.

It doesn't make a damn bit of difference if Casto is dead or alive. Until we change our attitude nothing changes.

CHUQ said...

Sally is looking hot for her age. Thanx, for the encouragement. I read that Kerry is coming out in suppoort of the guy. I did hear him say while it was going on, "let the man talk".

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