06 September 2007

The Non-candidate Candidate Is Now A Candidate

Finally, Fred Thompson has announced that he is a candidate, it is official and Leno was the source of the announcement. He skipped the Repub debates that FOX was holding. Cool! He will get more ratings boost from Leno than he would have from FOX.

Now we will see if he can hold onto his 3rd place standing now that he is a candidate. He will now have to be specific in his stands. Well as specific as a politician can be, which at best is a vague collection of random thoughts.

Let the attacks begin!


tumbleweed said...

Well, when he finally manages to say something I might be a bit more impressed.lol.

CHUQ said...

It will be something to see how he does with fundraising. IMO, he is a little late.

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