27 September 2007

To Break A Union

I have heard it said that the newest thing between GM and the UAW would be to break the back of the union and I agreed with that analysis, at first, but now I do not. Why? Because the Union is already broken. The GM lost nothing and gain everything. The stock went up by 9% on Wednesday after the announcement that the strike was over. That one fact shows that GM won that round for investors see it as a good thing and will make them money.

The Union is now saddled with the retirement fund and health care and less wages and etc.....where did they win? This will only help the final demise of the Unions in the US, for they are being shown to have less and less strength when it come to contract negotiations.

Now UAW moves on to Chrysler and Ford and the workers there had better put their heads between their knees and kiss their asses good-bye. They will be just as screwed as their GM comrades.

Enough said? I think so!

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