19 September 2007

DC Fails To Get Representation

A bill to give the residents of Washington DC their own representative fell short of passing by 3 votes, short of the 60 needed to make it so.

What is the problem, you may ask? Think about it! There is a section of the US that has NO representation in Congress. Are you thinking about that? Again! There is a section of the US that does not have representation in Congress. Have you grasp this yet?

OK let us look at it from another point, there are those that point to the US as a good example of democracy at work, but yet there are those who are denied representation. What part of that sounds democratic to you? Do you see a problem yet? Who speaks for the residents of DC?

I want to see how all these reps voted on this bill. I want to know who were those who voted against Americans having representation in the Congress. May I suggest that they refrain from holding the US up as an example of how a democracy works--for those who live in DC are getting no democratic representation--then that negates the position illusion of democracy that all seem to want to hold up to the world as an example.


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