04 September 2007

Kucinich In 08

It should not come as a surprise to anyone who reads my stuff that I agree with Dennis Kucinich about 95% of the time. He is not popular with the centrist, which in my opinion is just about everyone in the Democratic party. But come on people let the fact that his wife3 is 30 yrs old and he is 60, let it go.

To begin with that is none of anybody's business, but his. And I will say that about any other candidate whether Repub or Demo.. Personally, I am partial to redheads so he has my vote as the "MAN".

So, disagree with his position on issues, but for God's sakes let the wife thing go and move on to real issues. His positions are very good position and deserve to be discussed on their merits, not on whether his wife is younger than him.

Chuq has spoken, so be it!

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