09 January 2008

Dr. Phil

First I want to say that I am still pissed! Yesterday, an important news day and my cable server went down, no internet, that is the pits! Second, I do not normally do too much posting on societal bullsh*t, but this story has me ranting.

Dr. Phil, you know that bald loud mouth that has a show where he supposedly helps people with their personal and emotional problems? It seems this TOAD in an attempt to boost ratings, circumvented security at the hospital where Britney was being held, to try and coerse the broad to appear on his show.

This makes him a QUACK! His desire for better ratings has shown his true colors. It is about the money not about helping people. If he was a true pro he would not need to sneek into Britney's room and try to talk the train wreck into appearing on his show.

It is about time for intervention in his tactics. He should be censured by the professional association that he is a member of and it shoul.d be a public censure

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