24 January 2008

The Huck And Chuck Show

First, I wish I had come up with that tag, I think it is a great title. unfortunately, I am not positive who did name the Huckabee campaign that, but I will use it. Recently Mike Huckabee has been endorsed by Chuck Norris. And throughout the campaign he has been standing behind Huckabee smiling and grinning or glaring out at the audience.

Chuck has made a couple of appearance on talk shows with Mike and made the usual campaign rhetoric, but he has not had much to say otherwise. Chuck has just seemed to be there at the Iowa win as moral support. And it has been the same for most of the other speeches.

But last week, Chuck spoke on his own. This time he was talking a bout McCain if he was elected president. Chuck basically, said that McCain was too old and that if he were elected he would most likely die in office and be replaced by the veep.

Personally, I think that was uncalled for and in very bad taste. Also huckabee was on the stage when he said it. Hopefully, they will muzzle the jock and let Huckabee do the political talking; he seems to be a bit more accustomed to it than Norris.

Huckabee seems to be afraid of McCain just as GW was in 2000. But personal attacks by surrogates should be discouraged. No candidate should need to resort to this type of crap. If the candidate has to use personal attacks, I ask if they are truly a viable candidate. This applies to both parties. Personal attacks such as this just tells me that the candidate does not have answers to real problems, so they just try to make the opponent look inept or too old or…well you get the picture.

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