10 January 2008

Can You Say, Gulf Of Tonkin?

High speed boats attack or attempt to attack US warships. Does that sound familiar? try 02 Aug 1964, Gulf of Tonkin, when the US ship Maddox was attacked by high speed NVA boats. It help lead the way for a US build up in S. Vietnam.

Bush has issued a warning to Iran over the recent incident in the straits of Hormuz. He has basically said "do not do it again". Ok, I am a skeptic! But WMD was a lie. This admin has been lying since 9/11. I know one would think I was a conspiracy theory freakizoid, but things are not always as they are portrayed by the govt. Sorry guys. I lost blood in Vietnam. The country has lost too many innocent lives. I just do not want to see history repeat itself.

All i ask is that you check the facts and then make your decision. logical thinking is not onew of the US greatest assets, but it should be.

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