18 January 2008

Are you Experienced?

Well I am.....sorry I digress. In the beginning there were those who said that an experienced candidate was what the US needed. Then it was all about the change. Not pocket change--political change. Then there is, the you need experience to make change in Washington people. So what is it? Do we voters want change or do we want experience?

Not an easy answer if you follow politics. If Americans truly want an experienced leader, then why did the most experienced of the pack fall by the way side because of lack of support from the voters? We could not have had more experienced Democratic candidates than Biden, Dodd and Richardson. Now we have Clinton--she has it! Obama does not! The experience card plays well on the stump. It plays well in the political ads. And it plays well to the voting idiotocracy.

Clinton has said that it takes experience to effect change. Think about that! A Washington insider is gonna go against the current and effect change. If that were true then Biden, Dodd and Richardson could have given the US more change than they could have stood. Experience and change are nothing more than a couple of pretty good buzz words to divide and confuse the voting public. The election is a popularity contest--plain and simple.

Even the Repubs are playing this game. Mitt has gone from I am an experienced businessman; to he is the best agent of change.

The experience thing is a mind game and you people are playing it full bore. I reiterate if you people really wanted experience, you would not have let the most experienced people slip through your fingers.

So, STOP IT! Experience has nothing to do with the election. It is a popularity contest. It is a beauty contest! When the voter starts voting on issues and not which party is en vogue, you will never have change, even with experience, change will not come!

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